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Tremder is closed for development at this time.

Welcome to Tremder, a Norse mythology based pet simulator where you roam the forests as the leaders of a wolf pack. Explore the different lands and the different 9 worlds of Yggdrasil, hunt for food, and meet other packs. Battle other packs, fight for your territory, expand your territory - be the best pack you can be.
The goal? To ascend your pack members to be elders and Legendary wolves, immortal beings that when their time on the Midgard plain ends, they ascend to your packs ancestral enclave to guide and advise the living pack members ‐ their decadents.

You choose your leaders - you choose who belongs in your pack.

Public Demo

Come visit our public demo. Make and tinker with the wolf pet and dream of your wolves to come!


News Update ‐ January 26th, 2019

We have been busy behind the scenes these last few months. With doing surveys and questionnaires to looking for new coders and staff to fill holes as former staff members migrate back to real life. This announcement will cover a lot of ground, so please bear with it's length.

On the Artist
We looked long and hard for an artist to replace our original one. And it took a while. I'd like to introduce you to our new artist CedarWolf. Cedar is an artist" of amazing talent, spending years honing his craft and developing a rich line-less realistic style that is beautiful and captivating to behold. We are currently going over the priority pieces and planning on them, the first of which will be the adult wolves in the demo getting redone in his wonderful rich style.

To see more of his work, You can visit his FurAffinity and get a look at his past pieces.

Kickstarter Planning
Some time ago we sent our a survey on weather or not we should do a full blown kickstarter and it was over a 95% resounding YES! So here we are getting ready to gear up for a kickstarter sometimes in the spring or early summer this year. We would like however, feedback on what kind of things you would like to see, how much you would feel comfortable contributing and other things that will make this a good kickstarter. We are also doing a drawing for those that enter with their emails after doing the survey. 2 accounts will be given out to random winners at the end of the survey. The survey will be open till the end of March 2019.

To Get to the survey and enter your chance to win an account go HERE.

Open account sales are closed
We decided to close account sales in anticipation of the kickstarter. For those of you who have purchased accounts. Thank you. Your account levels are recorded and will promised items will be delivered with the rest of the kickstarter item packages just before we go live and open to the public.

Social Media Links

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Public Discord Chat Server

Come Join us on our discord server to meet greet and get to know those who are waiting for Tremder to get coded and made. Talk with staff, ask questions, and participate in our growing community!